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Stem Cell Treatment

  • The recovery power
    of the stem cell
    the revival vitality

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    Stem Cell Treatment

    Refresh the degenerated cells

    Stem cells play a role of body recovering functions. They moves to damaged and degenerated tissues through cell differentiation, facilitates regeneration, and improvement of the degraded function..

  • Stem Cell Treatment
    • STEP 1

      Fat extraction from fatty body parts

    • STEP 2

      Separation of fat tissue and storage tissue

    • STEP 3

      Storage in the fat banking facility

    • STEP 4

      Stem cell extraction from fat tissue

    • STEP 5

      Storage the extracted other tissues in the banking facility

    • STEP 6

      Safety test before use

    • STEP 7

      Stem cell Injection

  • Stem cell treatments
    • Treatments

      As we age, the recovery ability decreases when we have diseases or scars with the decrease of the stem cell amount.
      Anti-aging stem cell treatments have outstanding effects on the decreased functional ability through anti-aging stem cell therapies.

  • Stem cell anti-aging examinations

    Evaluation of sleep pattern Improvement rate

    Evaluation of metabolic problem

    Evaluation of Sexual function

    Examination of Hormone/Blood chemicals
  • Effects of anti-aging stem cell treatment
    • Obesity treatment effect through weight loss and enhancement of body energy, appetite, and digestive ability at the same time
    • With stem cell injection treatment regeneration of phallus vascular endothelial cell Excellent effect on sexual dysfunction improvement
    • Fundamental hair treatment with darker, thicker hair and less hair loss and skin elasticity treatment
    • Overcoming Sleeping disorder with sleeping quality improvement
    • Vision improvement effect with stem cell therapy
  • Atomized extraction system of anti-aging stem cell
    • 40cc of fat in Bowl

    • Progression monitoring

    • Final production

    • Wash Oil(Auto-withdrawaal of washing oil)

    • Auto wash

    • The Spinning pump pushes liquid with pressure to the progression direction while the moving line keeps on/off. 3 times of automatic washing with physiological saline before an enzyme treatment
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