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Wedding care

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    Wedding care

    Skin confidence for the very special day!

    For the precious day, once in your life! Bright skin is how the brides can be shinny and more beautiful. Our special wedding program will be there for brides who will shine the most in the life time.

  • Especialness of wedding care
    • Confidence of bright skin, ‘water-shine care’ (intensive care of melama and pigments)
      Green cell laser 2 times (scan of spot) + CRYOCELL 2times +Ionzyme 4times + Velvet care 4times+ Blemish removal
    • Confidence of Clean skin ‘Ceramic care’ (intensive acne care)
      PDT 2times+ IPL 1time+ Milk Peeling 1 time+ Regeneration care 1time + Black head care 2times+ Sellas laser 2times+ CRYOCELL 2time (choose back of face)
    • ‘Slim & Bling Care’(skin, face, dress line care)
      Special brightening care
      Intensive brightening care 10 times (derma plus)
      + armpits hair removal 1time+ Blemish removal
      + V line without bone surgery
      cheek sliming program (liposuction from cheek and chin)
      Special brightening care
      Intensive brightening care 10 times (derma plus) + armpits hair removal 1time+ Blemish removal
      + beautiful wedding line
      lymph-fat program 4times (LED Lymph-Fat lysis + laser treatment+ fulguration care)
      Special brightening care
      Intensive brightening care 10 times (derma plus) + armpits hair removal 1time+ Blemish(mole) removal
      + arm, armpits, V-line
      laser steatolysis 4times+ carboxy therapy 4times+ lipolysis injection 4times+ low frequency care 4times
  • Wedding care lines
    • For Honey

      For grooms who is just busy as brides, we have regeneration, moisturizing and brightening care programs. Our mole removal treatment, pigments care, hair removal and botox treatment are the most popular procedures among grooms

    • For Mommy

      Mothers care about beauty as much as brides. They would care their younger image on the wedding day in the younger face boom. TheAll have a 10 year younger skin program which can match to the bright han-bok for mothers. Especially, Botox and filler treatments are recommended to erase melama, moles and deep winkles.

  • Special systems of wedding cares
    • Reservation
      If you make a reservation at your convenience, you could take treatments faster
    • Precise skin examination
      Use PSI which is a skin examination machine for precise examination.
    • 1:1 customized counseling
      Based on the PSI results, 1:1 customized counseling will be offered in accordance with your skin condition.
    • Treatments
      Customized treatments are proceeded by your own skin care specialists after counselling. For special treatments such as melama or acne the doctor will directly operates if needed.
    • After care
      We will provide you ordinary skin care methods besides wedding care to make synergic effects.
  • Wedding care recommendation diary
    • D-12weeks

      In skin caring, the earlier, the better. Take care about the skin tone and texture.
      Brightening, wrinkles, serious acne, acne scars, melama, other pigmentary diseases, cheek sliming program.

    • D-10weeks

      If you consider body lines with skin care, it would be better start now.
      Acne, acne scars, face blushing, goose bumps, body acne, pores, pigment, lipolysis, cheek sliming program

    • D-8weeks

      2month for the wedding! Intensive cares are needed.
      Intensive care of acne scars, pigment, brightening, age spot, squared jaw botox, smile line filler

    • D-6weeks

      Start with Simple procedures first.
      Moles, blemish removal, freckles, hair removal, acne, black head, botox for squared jaw and middle of forehead, nose filler

    • D-4weeks

      Only one month left for the wedding. Start intensive cares!
      Intensive acne care, skin brightening, intensive regeneration care, squared jaw botox

    • D-2wssks

      Focus on reducing skin troubles with light cares.
      Moisturizing, regeneration cares

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