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Acne scars

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    Acne scars

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    Deeply rutted acne scars are formed after continuous inflammatory lesion repeated tissue damages such as tissue loss or shrinking. Even after proper treatments is finished and the causes are removed, the scar remains as an another stress.

  • Types of acne scars
    • Acne pigmentation

      Acne pigmentation forms after the inflammatory reaction, the melanin pigment which was in epidermal layers moves to derma layer, or when the pigments increases in melanin cells.

    • Red acne scars
      The red marks remain after the pimple removal. The red marks were formed for skin regeneration and the pigmentation was proceed when pimple got removed. If the marks still remain after 2-3months, treatments are needed.
    • Black acne scar
      Sometimes the red marks turns into dark brown, and remain more than 1year. Pigmentation depends on person, but this has to start with UV protection and treatments are needed from the initial stage.
  • Deep scar
    • Deep scar

      Deep scars formed if skin tissue has peeled off when the inflammation was serious or pustule and nodule are burst inside of the skin. Especially it forms easily when you squeeze the pimple with nails or unsterilized tools.

    • Ice pick scar
      This is the most common shape of the acne scars. Just like a stepped market by pointed ice pick, the size is not big and the pore walls forms in the depths of derma layers in a long shape. Usually this kind of scar appears on forehead, middle of forehead, and cheek areas.
    • Box shaped scar
      Just like chicken pox scars, the shape is wide and right angled with clear boundary. If the skin tissues are pulled out and damaged largely and when the lesion is big. This kind of scars usually appears on cheek bone and cheek area
    • Rolling scars
      As Fluently and widely rutted scars, the treatment effect is the best since the depth is shallow. Usually the width is more than 4-5mm and the shape is round and fluent and appears on the outline of cheeks or jaw line.
  • acne treatment equipment and before & after photos
    • Before and after photos of acne treatments

      Starts with proper cleansing. Do not touch of squeeze the pimples at home thy should be removed with sterilized compressor in the hospital.

    • Before


    • Mosaic

      Mosaic induces granulation of dented acne scars or skin pores by stimulating our natural restoration ability of to the wounds. It destroy the melanin cell to improve the pigmentation, and contracts collagen fiber to improve the fine wrinkles a skin elasticity.
      Acne scars and marks/Enlarged and sagged skin pore/Dark skin, skin tone improvement, brightening, facial blushing/Dark skin, skin tone improvement, brightening, facial blushing

    • Neoscan

      Neoscan induces dermal and epidermal regeneration. It is effective in skin brightening, Acne scar, tightening skin pores, and many other kinds of scars
      Many kind of scars (burning scar, wound scars)/ Acne scars/ Pigmentation after operation, stretching marks

    • PDT

      Apply an medicine which is absorbed by sebaceous glands and germs and bask in laser light. It interrupts the spread of P-acne, stimulates the chain reactions of cell path which induces changes of pH of cell inside and outside, helps the excretion of sebum, and treat the acne.

    • Sellas

      Sellas slightly transfer energy to the skin and increases granulation. Since it does not peel the skin, it is less destructive but more effective way than other skin peeling treatment.
      Acne scars and dented scars/ Winkle improvement (Around eyes, mouth, cheek, forehead, neck)/ Improvement in Granulate, Skin pores, melisma/ Improvement in Granulate, Skin pores, melasma

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