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    For acne treatment, skin wastes and imflamation removal procedures are required through checking skin conditions and proper treatments

  • Causes of acne
    • Acne

      As an inflammatory disease which develops in sebaceous glands of hair follicle units, interactions of many factors are related. Acne is commonly assumed as a symbol of youth which appears for a while in adolescence and passes by but, it is a major inflammatory disease which occurs to 50’s. It appears on not only face but also all over the body such as chest and back.

    • Sebum
      Acne occurs when excessively secreted sebum cannot be execrated outside of follicles smoothly and causes bacterial infection.
    • Follicles (dead skin cells)
      Excessive accumulation of dead skin cells in follicles could microcomedone.
    • P.Acne
      Since sebaceous glands and the entrance of follicle in skin are the best place for bacteria to grow, acne germs can proliferate and increase free fatty acid inducing inflammation.
    • Other reasons
      When sebum execration is not active because of cosmetics, menstruation and pregnancy, or when sebaceous glands are stimulated by increased androgen and other hormone due to stress and lack of sleep
  • Types of Acnes
    • Initial stage (non-inflammatory acne)

      Sebum accumulation is increased and goes out to the surface of skin, it turns into a black particle which has center.

    • Comedomastitis acne
      as an initial stage of acne type, small bumps appears on the skin. These are accumulated Sebum and it turns into a black particle which has center if they develop.
    • Middle stage (inflammatory)

      Acne gest red and bigger and there may be pain by touching.

    • Acne papulosa
      Diameter of the pimple is less than 0.5cm, and a little bit uplifted on the skin.
      The color is pink and red.
    • Acne pustular
      When the space inside of follicles are filled with pus, pustule is produced.
      If the pus pockets is burst, it may induce much inflammation on around area.
    • Final stage (purulent inflammation)

      Put production in the acne makes inflammations worse and swelling. Acute pain is accompanied with slight touch.

    • Nodular Acne
      The lesion gets larger when the dead cells and sebum in follicle increase and form a nodule. Nodule is a kind of inflammatory swelling which forms deep inside of skin compared to papule.
    • Acne cystica
      When a follicle is full with sebum, a cyst is formed.
      We can feel the liquid inside of cyst when we tough the poket
    • Acne Keloidalis
      A bulging scar after forming put pocket.
      Mainly appears below the chin, chest and shoulders.
  • Acne Therapy
    • Omnilux PDT (Condyloma acuminate)

      Apply light absorbent on the skin and make it absorbed in sebaceous glands, and irradiate photocurrent. The producing energy and chemical reaction during the light absorbent dissolving period destroys and shrink the sebaceous glands and treat the acne.

    • Derma stamp

      Making a pathways for medication delivery which pass through epidermis and derma layers using fine middles to stimulate the natural wound healing ability and induce collagen production in the derma layer. This is an optimal skin regeneration method.

    • Various peeling therapy

      The major peeling is Chemical peeling (Cums peel, TCA peel), or physical peelings (milk peel, ZET peel, point peel, DOT peel), These therapy clean the blocked follicle and increase sebum execration. The inflammatory lesions of acne gets better and the other medication absorption rate gets higher.

  • Medication therapy for acne
    • Oral medication
      - Antibiotics
      - sebum control drugs
    • Ointments
      - Acne soap & cleanser
      - Acne ointment (Benzoyl peroxide)
      - local antibiotics
      - skin regeneration ointment (tretinoin)
    • Before and after photos of acne treatments

      Starts with proper cleansing. Do not touch of squeeze the pimples at home thy should be removed with sterilized compressor in the hospital.

    • Before


  • PDT clinic

    A direct contraction of sebaceous glands which decrease of sebum and remove the acne germs. This is the most effective acne treatment.
    After applying light absorbent which absolves specific rays and increases the laser effect, irradiate lasers.
    • Milk peel

      Pimples disappear before scar formation procedure when milk peeling is combined with PDT laser treatment.
      This remove the tough corneum and clean the follicles removing the wastes and skin pigments to improve PDT treatment and acne treatment effect.

    • Cums peeling (Genus peeing)

      Cums peeling is widely using for acne treatment. Other than the fast acne treatment effect, it also remove the corneum as much as needed and the skin texture would change softer and thinner.

    • PDT program

      PET 4times+ IPL 2times +regeneration care 2times
      PET 4times+ IPL 2times +regeneration care 1 time
      PET 4times+ IPL 1time +regeneration care 2times

    • Mild PDT program

      Milk peel 1+ PDT2 + IPL 1 + regeneration care 1+ black head 1

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