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PHR System permanent hair removal

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    PHR System permanent hair removal

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    PHR SYSTEM is a better hair removal method in its number of treatment and regrow rate compared to existing IPL or laser hair removal.

  • What is PHR SYSTEM Permanent hair removal?
    • Procedure information

      PHR SYSTEM is a better hair removal method in its number of treatment and regrow rate existing IPL or laser hair removal.
      The biggest advantage of PHR system is that we need only 3treatments while we need 7-10 times of treatments with IPL or laser method. The numbers of treatment depends on the hair conditions or the lotions. Moreover in comparison to the fact that laser or IPL treatments does are not perfectly remove the hair, PHR has a much higher satisfaction level. PHR is also safe from burns or pigmentations.

    • Hair removal using electrophoresis

      A basic method of destructing hair follicles with heat. A very narrow needle in a hair follicle is used to remove the hair one by one. But the damage when the electricity is delivered through the needle, in unavoidable.

    • Laser & IPL hair removal

      The most general hair removal method which removes multiple strands at the same time unlike the electrophoresis method. Temporary hair removal is an inexpensive, and easy way to do by oneself. However, 5-8times of treatments are required, and skin damages and pain are accompanied.

  • Differentiation of PHR system
    Hair removing method Method PHR SYSTEM
    (Permanent hair removal system)
    More than 7~10times The number of treatment 3times (armpits,, arms, legs)
    High Recurrent rate Low
    Hard to remove Thin hair Available
    Hard to remove Philtrum hair of female Available
    High Pigmentation Low
    • Q. Can I get the procedure anytime I want?

      A. PHR system destroys the hair roots permanently by transferring strong energy to the hair roots through hair.
      Therefore your hair length should be 3-4mm on the skin surface. Please avoid shaving the hair several days before the procedure.

    • Q. How many procedures do I need?

      A. It depends on the hair types, region, and the goals, but 1-3 treatment would be satisfactory.

    • Q. After this permanent hair removal, the hair actually does not grow permanently?

      A. Basically the hair dose not grow again. However it is able to grow again several years later since hair go through growth stage, resting stage, and regression stage repeatedly. But the regrown hair is thinner than the original one, and it is visually not a big deal

    • Q. What is the captions for the treatment?

      A. A little bit of redness would show after the treatment but, it is not serious. Please avoid strong skin irritation on the surgery areas for one week.

    • Q. Is there any adverse effect?

      A. Compared to former methods PHR system show outstanding performance with the numbers of procedure, permanent removal ratio, and adverse effects. As long as you have proper procedures, there would be no problems.

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