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Doublo Lifting

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    Doublo Lifting

    Flabby and wrinkled skin, resiliented under the skin

    High Intensity Focused Ultrasound plastic surgery equipment showing inside of skin with eyes during the treatment. Since it is not a surgery but a non-invasive skin lifting procedure, you can get back to your daily life immediately. It is effective especially to sagging problems of your face and neck, lifting and enlarged skin pores

  • Information of Doublo Lifting
    • Ultrasonic energy (HIFU)
      High-def Vasser ultrasonic waves induce collagen in skin and enhance skin elasticity.
    • skin tightening and collagen regeneration
      Skin tightening and collagen regeneration in both derma layer and SMAS (myofascial) layers
    • Effective onetime procedure
      A new lifting method of onetime and non-surgical procedure
  • Advantages of Doublo Lifting
    • Precise procedure
      Since the procedure is proceeded with monitor checking, it is more precise.
    • Fast procedure
      It takes only 30 minutes for overall face treatment.
    • Approved by food and drugs administration
      the nation’s first approval on “eyebrow lifting” safe procedure from food and drugs administration. Safe procedure
    • Procedure for two skin layers
      Treats both derma layer and SMAS (myofascial layer) at the same time
    • Enough effects
      Unlike other lasers, onetime procedure is enough
    • Fast recovery
      Immediate retuning is available to the daily life right after the procedure
  • Effects of Doublo Lifting
    • Before and after photos

      In this procedure, an immediate myofascial layer tightening effect is expected at once. Moreover, it induces an active regeneration in derma layer for several months and stimulates the collagen and elastin production continuously. Therefore skin elasticity would maintain for a long time.

    • Before


    • The principal of HIFU(High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) method

      If HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is irradiated to the SMAS layer which is 3-4.5mm under the skin surface with direct checking through a monitor equipment, a heat coagulation region smaller than 1mm would appear. A heat reaction of higher than 60 ℃ is generated in this heat coagulation region and induce a strong regeneration activities in saggy skin tissue. The skin tissues are tightened for 2-4 weeks and continuously collagen and elastin are produced for 3-6months.

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