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  • Specificities in TheAll medical hub

      In TheAll Medical Hub, the medical specialists of each department are treating patients, and researching fat “Our medical professionals of each department will promise you a satisfaction with the best result through our 1 : 1 customized counselling and surgery.

    • Advanced medical technique

      TheAll Medical Hub is the hospital which educates medical professionals from other hospitals. Every year, doctors from other hospitals and other countries visit TheAll Medical Hub to learn the most advanced medical techniques.

    • The first president Korean Academy of Aesthetic medicine

      The hospital representative Dr. Jang found Korean Academy of Aesthetic medicine in 2003, and served as the first president. He took the initiative in wide spreading accurate knowledge of obesity and somatotype.
      The institution is now registered as the first Asian formal member of Union International Medicine of Esthetique (UIME

    • The Global Leader in Liposuction

      TheAll Medical Hub participate international associations of obesity and esthetic areas to share the advanced medical techniques of Korea and TheAll. Dr. Jang, the director of hospital, is a global leader in liposuction field who deeply immersed in a study of FAT for last 13 years.

    • A strict hygiene management

      The air shower systems in our aseptic operating rooms get rid of fine dust particles, and the magic mirror of each operating room prevent the procedures performed from being shown to the outside.

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