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    • Refinements in facial and body contouring

      Refinements in facial and body contouring
      Luiz S Toledo / Ji-Yeon Jang / GUNJA Books
      This book consists of 3 chapters.
      The first chapter is about the Basic Theory: The concept of beauty, pose of patients, incision spots, theory of liposuction, injecting and treatment after surgery The second chapter is about procedures of particular part of the body.
      The third chapter is about writer own special method of Body shape treatment and minor surgery of fast recovery.

    • S Line Story

      The book explains lucidly all the diet information, Body shape treatment and solution to the problem about Obesity, physical hangups etc.
      Ji-Yeon Jang, Doo-Yeol Jang / Rose&Books
      TIP. Preference Body Types by age
      Everybody has different preference Body Types by age. The teenage girls prefer body style of Barbie doll. but The 20-year-old women prefer body style of curvy shape. The following information is the fact we had gained through consultation despite a subjective analysis.

      I'd like to be LEE HYO RI… 20’s
      -Can I get the glamorous body? Like the blooming roses, the most glorious period of in their 20’s begin to take an interest in the opposite sex and want the glamorous body being aware them. Such women want to be able to show off model body that's slim and sexy. Especially they want to make a firm and elastic breast & hip, a slim waist.

      - The contents of a book

    • Clean-up in my body

      『Clean-up in my body』shows the Detoxification therapy of changing oneself lively remove the toxins in my body.
      This book was now a bestseller in the United States. It was written by Brenda Watson who is famous authority on Detox and translated by Ji-Yeon Jang, Representative of TheAll Medical Hub. It explains lucidly about toxins that happen 25% of various diseases, diseases with no known cause. Also it contains material of removing toxins from the body, how to defeat disease, a healthy lifestyle and a good way to exercise.
      Brenda Watson / Ji-Yeon Jang / SANGSANGMEDIA

  • Essay Activities
  • Essay Activities
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