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Privacy Policy
■ What information we collect and How we use information we collect.

It is the policy of Theall Plastic Surgery Clinic to collect only the minimal amount of personal information that is required for the use of the clinic’s services at the time patients register for membership. An essential detail for medical treatment collects with drawing up medical teatment card without prior consent as current medical law. In order to provide extra service, you should fill out the extra collecting agreement. However you wouldn’t be disadvantaged, even if you do not fill out the agreement.
- Treatment information we collect: Name, Address, Your current Phone number, Treatment record
- Additional Service information we collect: Name, Address, Your current Phone number (Mobile Phone number), E-mail
- Information we collect when you join us. : Name, Address, Your current Phone number
- Selected specification : E-mail, , Receive e-mail yes or no
- How we use information we collect : Homepage, in writing form, FAX, Telephone, Consultation board, E-mail

■ Personal information collection and Purpose of use

The personal information collected by the clinic is used for the following purposes.
The clinic shall not use any of the information provided by the user for any purpose other than the purposes described in the following, and in the event that the clinic wishes to change the purpose of using the information, the clinic shall first obtain the consent of the user.
- Treatment information : To provide treatment related services including diagnosis and treatment, and to provide administrative services such as preparing invoices, collecting payments and issuing refunds
- Optional Service information we collect : Treatment information, Scientific information, Clinic center information, Event information, New service guide, survey

■ Personal information we hold and period of use and procedure of destruction and destruction way.
Information input by the user for membership registration, etc. shall be immediately destroyed according to the following method of destruction once the clinic has achieved its purpose for using the said information.
- Period of possession : Treatment documents for 10-years
- Once the user has withdrawn from membership or has been expelled from membership, the clinic may retain the user’s personal information even after the clinic has achieved the purpose for which it has collected or received the information only in cases where the preservation of the information is required to comply with the provisions of laws such as commercial laws, etc.
- customer complaints or dispute settlement data for 3 years
- credit information collection / processing and using data for 3 years
- Identification data for 6 months
- Visiting data for 3 months
Optional Service information is destroyed
- procedure of destruction : We will destroy immediately information according to the way of destruction after Period of legal possession.
The clinic shall immediately destroy personal information once it has achieved its purpose for collecting and using the personal information.
※The clinic shall immediately destroy personal information after 10 years of final treatment record Treatment records 10 years after the last recorded personal information that is passed as an immediate termination
- Destruction method :Personal information stored in the form of electronic files is deleted using a technological method that prevents the possibility of recovering the records. Personal information printed on paper is destroyed by shredding with a paper shredder or by burning.
Privacy Policy
I consent to this agreement and pledge to abide by its regulations