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Hi-Def laser liposuction

  • A new sensation
    of the sustainable
    body line

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    Sagging cheek and chubby chin
    will be go and V line will be appeared.

    Effective way to adipocyte lysis
    and pain alleviation

    Unlike previous liposuction, hi-def liposuction causes less skin irritation by using Vaser ultrasonic waves, dissolves hard fiber into soft tissues, minimizes loss of cellular tissues, and simulates the formation of collagen on fat-reduced areas. It is a highly effective technique in improving skin elasticity.

  • Characteristics of Hi-Def laser liposuction
    • Minimum loss of cellular tissues
      Hi-def Vaser ultrasonic waves can minimize the loss of tissues connecting skin and muscle (connective tissue)
    • Improve skin elasticity with collagen formation
      It is also very effective in improving skin elasticity by inducing skin and collagen generation.
    • Effective in dissolving fat and alleviating pain
      With erchonia laser, which is effective in dissolving fat and alleviating pain, it also minimizes skin irritation.
  • Major effects of Hi-def laser liposuction
    • Maintain the Skin elasticity
      Remove the fat in the local part of the body while maintaining skin elasticity.
    • Enhancing skin elasticity
      Stereoscopic liposuction of subcutaneous fat, fat in the surface and deep layers of the body
    • 3-dementional liposuction
      3-D Liposuction of surface layer, deep layer and subcutaneous fat
    • Minimum damage
      As the tissue damaged is minimum, skin elasticity is maintained after the surgery
    • Fast recovery
      Fast recovery and immediate resumption of daily life
    • No adverse effects
      No Adverse effect and yoyo syndrome without skin damage
  • Hi-def laser liposuction VS Former liposuction
    Hi-def laser liposuction Former liposuction method
    With Hi-def Vaser ultrasonic waves, dissolves the hard fiber tissue into soft tissues like liquid. It only dissolves adipocytes and the effect is even better with erchonia laser. Characteristics Liposuction after 635nm waves of erchonia laser is used to dissolve adipocytes in large area.
    Inside of thighs, calves, inside of arms, side Body parts Whole area of abdomen, thighs, arms, Etc.
    No Wearing compression garment Yes
  • Appropriate cases for Hi-def laser liposuction

    Those who have partial fat
    accumulation problem
    (Inside of thighs, calves, inside of arms, double chin, Etc. )

    Those who
    fail to lose weight every time

    Those who
    are lack of skin elasticity

    the immediate returning
    to the daily life is necessary

    Prompt weight loss effect
    for events such as
    a marriage and interviews, etc
    • Hi-def

    • Erchonia laser

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