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    “Gynecomastia” refers to enlarged breasts among men due to developed breast tissues and accumulated fat tissues. When the male hormone decreases, or the female hormone increases, the lobule alveolar system can be stimulated and enlarged even for men, causing enormous stress to patients. However, a relatively simple gynecomastia surgery can solve this problem.

  • How to do gynecomastia surgery
    • Process of surgical operation of gynecomastia

      Surgery for gynecomastia treatment can vary according to types. One of the ways is to remove fat tissues with liposuction and lobule alveolar system.
      It generally leads to satisfactory result with slim breast line.

    • 1. Information about surgery

    • 2. photographed before surgery

    • 3. measure size

    • 4. Design surgical site

    • 5. Disinfect the whole upper body

    • 6. work for prevent infection

    • 7. put a under anesthesia

    • 8. proceed operation

    • 9. right after the operation

    • 10. Dressing and compress

    • 11. organize

  • Follow-up treatment
    • D-Day

      Possible to resume daily life in compression bandage after surgery

    • 1-Day

      Sterilization, bandage removal, wearing of compression garment, Recovery Care Program

    • 3-Day

      Sterilization/Recovery Care Program, immediate resumption of daily life (taking a shower is also possible

    • 7-Day

      Removal of stitches, simple exercise possible

    • 2-Weeks

      Wear compression garment for 24 hours, Recovery Care Program

    • 4-Weeks

      Wear compression garment for 12 hours (when sleeping), visit hospital for progressive checkup

    • Fulguration

    • Effects of Fulguration

      Fulguration facilitates the lymphatic circulation and activates lipolysis.
      Re-generation function of fulguration gives skin elasticity to make a sleek bodyline.
      It is effective for surgery recovery with excellent cell regeneration effect. Also, it prevent edema by facilitate blood circulation
  • other symptom
    • Papilla reduction

      Excessively protruded, or sagged papilla can be a complex. The average diameter of male Papilla is about 4.5mm-5mm, and 6mm is the limit of normal diameter. Therefore, you would feel your papilla is large if you are over 6mm

    • Before


    • inverted nipple

      An unfavorable looking of dented nipple can be corrected by surgery. Since inverted nipple is frequent in Gynecomastia cases, inverted nipple correction is often combined with Gynecomastia surgery. Especially, since inverted nipple cases of male can be corrected by surgery without the concerns of breast feeding, we recommend you to get back confidence with surgery.

    • Before


    • inverted nipple correction

      An Inverted nipple case, sometimes excessive removals of galactocele from large area of breast, can be the reason.
      Galactocele removal is needed in most gynecomastia, but excessive removal could make dents around areola area. In this case, fat gathering procedure around areola area, and fat transplanting procedure to trim the shape of areola are used.

    • Before


  • Hand craft gynecomastia
    • Hand craft liposuction with laser

      In TheAll doctors use left hand to feel the each part where the liposuction tube inserted, to control the depth and the amount of fat. Despite the longer time and effort, our surgeries is done by hand for the perfect results.

    • Before


  • Gynecomastia FAQ
    • Q. What is gynecomastia?

      A. It is the case when a young male has breast like women’s. Sometimes it is caused by hormone changes of adolescence, but mostly the symptom appears in their 20’s. Most Gynecomastia of older than 20’s, is caused by excessive fat accumulation in chest area.

    • Q. How many are they?

      A. 35% of adolescent boys experience gynecomastia, and it disappears later But 7% of them still have the symptom. Recently the number is increasing following the raising obesity rate, therefor the gynecomastia surgery cases are also evidently increasing..

    • Q. How the gynecomastia can be diagnosed?

      A. When the symptom in adolescence last for more than 2 years, or when the protrude breast appears with gaining weight, it would be diagnosed as gynecomastia. When the doctor confirm the symptoms, it can be removed by surgery.

    • Q. Is the surgery necessary?

      A. Gynecomastia is not a disease, and the purpose of the surgery is aesthetical. Therefore Gynecomastia surgery is not mandatory. However, we recommend this surgery because breasts on male is not considered as a favorable look and it can be a great stress for the person. Moreover, the problem can be solved with a simple procedure.

    • Q. When do you recommend for the surgery?

      A. The surgery is available if you don’t have abnormal findings during an inter-medical examination. You can have the surgery at the best time for you. Since most people get stressed from the symptom when they have a group life, they usually made their mind before entering the army service, or summer season

    • Q. I am a high school student. Can I take the surgery?

      A. Generally 90% of breast protrude cases which is assumed the Gynecomastia in adolescence retunes to normal. Only 7% of them have breast later and finally diagnosed as Gynecomastia. Therefore you would be better to wait until the growth is finished.

    • Q. How are the procedures proceeded?

      A. The fat which consists most of the breasts of Gynecomastia will be removed by liposuction. Since surgery is proceeded through a very small hole, there is no incision procedure. And you can get back to the normal life right after the surgery.

    • Q. Why smoking is not allowed before the surgery?

      A. Smoking have risks in blood supply and tissue damage. To reduce these risks we recommend you not to smoke for 1week before the surgery.

    • Q. Is there any medications I should avoid?

      A. You should avoid aspirin and other drugs for 2 weeks before the sergery to prevent bleeding while or after the surgery, but the hypotensive drugs are available.

    • Q. How long does the surgery take?

      A. It takes about 30mins.

    • Q. What kind of anesthetic is used in TheAll?

      A. It will be local anesthetic.

    • Q. What about the pain after the surgery?

      A. Patients do not complain of pain even on the day of surgery. It would be a little stiff in the chest area.

    • Q. What about the treatment after surgery?

      A. You will be discharged on the day of surgery, and you need to visit to the hospital for the 1st sterilization 2 days later. After then, you would visit once a month to check the shape if necessary.

    • Q. Why are the compression garments of bandages needed?

      A. To minimize the bruises of swelling and to help the skin gets even.

    • Q. I heard not to carry heavy things or use arms too much and I wonder why?

      A. If the chest muscle is applied too much strain, blood vessels in the muscle can burst and hematoma can be produced in the surgery area. Although this is not a common case, but you still need to be cautious.

    • Q. When can I start the exercising?

      A. Light lower body exercise and stretching is available, but fierce exercise or lifting heavy stuff are recommended 2-3 weeks later.

    • Q. Is there any cases of dents after the surgery?

      A. The results of Gynecomastia is very promising. You will have flat chest which will look normal after the surgery.

    • Q. When can I smoke and drink after the surgery?

      A. Drinking and smoking is available after 4 weeks.

    • Q. Are there any medication therapies for Gynecomastia?

      A. The breast tissues once developed do not disappears naturally, and drugs cannot treat the symptom. It must be physically removed.

    • Q. Is diet therapy or gym exercising effective?

      A. The volume of the overall breast can be reduced as the fat reduces, but it won’t be flat. The protruded shape cannot be improved by weight loss of diet when the breast tissues are existing.

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