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abdominal lifting

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    Abdominal lifting

    Tightening the saggy skin

    Problem of saggy skin is hard to solve with liposuction
    Abdominal lifting is used for the elasticity loss by excessive fat layer. This is an incision procedure of skin and fat layers.

  • Advantages of abdominal lifting
    • reinforcement of (Recuts Abldominis
      abdominal lifting reinforce the Recuts Abldominis when it is open wide and the abdomen looks saggy.
    • Elastic abdominal line
      Makes elastic abdominal line, when you have flappy abdominal skin after liposuction and feel uncomfortable to show it to the public.
    • Restoring the stretched skin
      If you have stretched skin only in abdomen area from a diet, while the skin of other body parts look good and elastic.
    • Such a tight abdominal line
      When you look young as you are in 20’s or 30’s but your abdomen looks 40’s this procedure will helpful for returning the tight abdominal skin.
  • Points and procedures of abdominal lifting
    • Points of abdominal lifting

      The important point of abdominal lifting is that flappy skin should be removed if the liposuction could not cover the elasticity problem in the area.
    • Procedures of abdominal lifting

      Cut the flappy skin after liposuction, and suture the remaining skin together into the bikini line. The half-moon shaped scar will be right above the hair, and gradually fade with time
    Appropriate cases for abdominal lifting
    • If you have much fat and saggy skin on the abdomen area

    • When you lose the elasticity on the belly and it is flappy after giving a birth

    • When you have got pot-belly and lost elasticity after a caesarean operation

    • If your abdomen was once stretched and got saggy after losing weight

  • Surgery time and recovery time of abdominal lifting
    • Fast surgery time / recovery time
      Finishes in 2 hours. 3-5 days of recovery
    • Sedative anesthetics
      No pain during the surgery under sedative anesthetic.
    • Immediately return to home
      Discharged as soon as the surgery is finished. Hospitalization is not necessary and the daily life is possible right away.
    • After cares
      Bandaging will be removed the next day. Fulguration & starvac care every week.
    • Minimum discomforts
      You would have tightening feeling in the surgery area for round 3 days, but daily life is still possible.
  • Appropriate areas for abdominal plastic surgery
    • Abdominal plastic surgery

      30’s ~50’s
      ˙ Saggy skin and Knee pain case due to the fat accumulation in upper and lower abdomen
      ˙ Burlap bag shaped belly after a child birth
      ˙ Discomfort in daily life due to excessive flappy belly and stretch marks after a twin birth
      ˙ Saggy skin, Scar and stretch marks on the belly after a caesarean operation
      ˙ To get rid of unfavorable scar of caesarean operation
      ˙ Those who gained weight and lost the body shape of the past with menopause
      ˙ When stretch marks and wrinkles are serious from Navel area and lower belly
      ˙ It the overall belly is slopping while running or walking fast
      ˙ It the overall belly is slopping while running or walking fast
      ˙ If the flapping skin around navel looks creepy

    • Mini abdominal plastic surgery

      20’s ~30’s
      ˙ When lower belly(potbelly) is relaxed and fat is accumulated
      ˙ When lower belly is relaxed and fat is accumulated

    • Extended abdominal plastic surgery

      For both stretched belly and saggy breasts due to child birth and breast feeding

  • Plastic surgery center of the abdominal lifting
    • TheAll Plastic surgery center of abdominal obesity

      A. ‘Dramatic results’ Size analysis by Types and cases
      B. A co-working system between plastic surgery doctors and obesity doctors
      C. Residential anesthetists
      D. Long surgery experience and knowhow, surgey cases make “0% of adverse effects”

  • Before and after photos of abdominal lifting
    • abdominal lifting

      Abdominal lifting is used for the elasticity loss by excessive fat layer. This is an incision procedure of skin and fat layers.

    • Before


    • Before


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