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    Choice of the slim body line

    Accusculpt dissolves fat by erchonia laser irradiation and removes fat with syringe slim treatment to make slim body line. Additionally, fat in the delicate parts of the body can be removed

  • Theall’s upgraded New Accuscuplt
    • Choice of the slim body line

      Dr.Danial.E.Rousso.M.D, the chairman of American Board of Facial Plastic Surgery says,” Accusculpt is a innovative method which can change the paradigm of facial plastic surgery spectrums”. Accusculpt gets attentions and is introduced to ASPS(American Society of Plastic Surgeons)

    • Internationally well recognized method, Accusculp

    • Erchonia laser

      Lipolysis by Erchonia laser
    • Syringe slim treatment

      Lipolysis by syringe slim
    • Accusculpt

      One more lipolysis and elasticity enhancement by Accusculpt
  • How Accusculpt is done
    Electron microscope photos showing the changes of adipocyte after 1064nm and 1444nm laser irradiation
    • 1064nm

    • 1444nm

    • Efficiency tests for lipolysis

      Efficiency tests for lipolysis under 1064nm, 1320nm and 1444nm laser irradiation
      1444nm waves of Accusculpt laser is optimized to the lipolysis. It delicately melt the adipocytes with little damages of other tissues, and induce collagen produce and have tightening effect by stimulating the derma layers of skin.

    • 1064nm

    • 1320nm

    • 1444nm

  • Ranges of Accusculpt
    • For all ages

      smile line correction
    • 20’s-30’s

      V-line face
    • over 40’s

      To improve skin elasticity & facial lifting
    • Before


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