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    Romance- IPR

    Deep heating system using body resistant elements

    Using the high resistance to electricity of fat tissue, intensively generate heat in adipocytes to dissolve the cellulites

  • Romance IPR is good for obesity due to
    • Multi Dissolving
      Dissolves subcutaneous fat and intra-abdominal fat
    • Comfortable procedure
      Comfortable procedures
    • Prompt effects
      Facilitates the metabolism and blood circulation
    • Facilitation
      Facilitates the metabolism and blood circulation
  • Distictive with former fulguration methods
    • Romance IPR

      Conduct the heat from the friction generated from the ceramics, to the adipocytes mediated by skin tissues.

    • Other

      The heat intensively generates /diffused where the resistance (Z) value is high such as Joints, knots and adipocytes

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