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ELD Lymp –fat lysis

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    ELD Lymph-Fat lysis

    Limp-Fat lysis is one of the laser steatolysis methods which excretes fat cells via lymph circulation.

    When adipocytes are destructed by laser, and lymph flow is increased, the fat excreting rate is accelerated. This is a new and effective method of obesity treatment to get rid of fat.

  • Advantages of ELD Lymp –fat lysis
    • Fast lymphatic excretion
      Fast lymphatic excretion of fat after lipolysis
    • Fast size reduciton
      More rapid size reduction than existing lipoclasis injection
  • Difference between ELD Lymph-fat lysis and existing LLD injection
    • ELD Lymph-fat lysis

      Procedure information
      ELD Lymph-fat lysis is a programed method combined with Erchonia laser and fulguration lymph-fat exercising to enhance the effects after ELD injection

      A fundamental solution of destroying adipocytes by lymph-fat injection and laser irradiation.
      Faster execration of adipocytes than former LLD procedures through fulguration which makes heat deep in the body and lymph-fat exercising.

    • LLD injection

      Procedure information
      In LLD method, self-massage and abdominal breathing is recommended after LLD injection

      Destroy adipocytes with LLD injection
      Self-massage and abdominal breathing increase lymphatic circulation and help to execrate adipocytes

  • Target parts of ELD Lymph-fat lysis
    It is especially effective for the local body parts that are difficult to slim down, such as tummy, thigh, etc.

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