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    Carboxy theraphy

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    Carboxy is one of the most common therapies to treat local obesity, removing subcutaneous fat by injecting harmless liquid gas into the fatty part of the body

  • Carboxy theraphy
    • Carboxy theraphy

      Carboxy theraphy is the method of injecting lipolysis gas in fatty body parts where the circulation is not smooth, and remove subcutaneous fat without adverse effects. The volume of the injected gas brings a direct effect for lipolysis. The excretion of oxygen from the blood increase aerobic exercise and expansion of lymphatic vessels and blood vessels around the area enhance the adipocyte absorption and the transportation which act for the partial obesity.

  • Carboxy theraphy effect
    • Lipolysis and size-reducing effect
      Lipolysis is accelerated due to the overexpansion of fat cells, resulting in direct size reduction on local parts
    • Aerobic exercise effect is increased
      The oxygen in blood excreted by gas injected into skin enhances the aerobic exercise effect
    • Stretch mark treatment effect
      Besides the lipolysis effect, it also treats scars and stretch marks
    • Improving elasticity and cellulite treatment
      By increasing skin elasticity, it smoothens bumpy skin generated after liposuction.
  • Advantages of carboxy therapy
    • carboxy therapy
      Short treatment time
    • immediate dischage
      With almost no side effect, you can resume daily life right after treatment.
    • Various effects
      It will produce a liposuction effect and increase blood circulation. Also effective for stretch marks, varix, and leg edema
    • Safe procedure
      Since this is not a direct injection treatment, it is safe for pregnant women
    • Various area
      It can be applied to various parts of the body (for parts to which liposuction cannot be done)
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