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    Upturned nose surgery

    Rhinoplasty information

    The ideal angle between nose tip and the lip is 90-110°. In Upturned nose cases is when the degree is larger than 110°. And if the nose is short and nostrils are exposed, we call it upturned nose. This type of nose makes dull and dense image.

  • Procedures of upturned nose surgery
    • Nose extending
      Procedure of extending the nose to the down
    • Using own cartilage
      For nose extending surgery, patients’ own cartilage is used. The pillar will be connected to the nasal septum to lengthen the nose.
    • Changes after the surgery
      The nose tip will gradually go down after the surgery.
    • Enough consulting is needed
      Nose extension has limitation, and excessive extension will bring bad results. Therefore patients should have enough counselling with experienced medical professionals.
  • The schedule of upturned nose surgery

    1 hour

    Stitch removal
    7th day after the surgery

    Nose tapping removal
    5~7th day after the surgery

    Light exercise
    14th day after the surgery

    30th day after the surgery
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