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    Long nose surgery

    Rhinoplasty information

    If the length of the nose is more than 1/3 of the face length, the balance of the whole face is broken. There are 2 kinds of reasons of the long nose. The first reason is a long nasal septum which makes dropped nose tip. The other one is over developed muscle at the end of the nose which makes the nose tip drop down when smile.

  • Long nose surgery process
    • Long nose surgery process

      Correcting the shape of the dropped nose through the nose tip cartilage corrections surgery

    • Nosewing cartilage surgery
      This method is to fix the dropped nosewing cartilage on the nasal septum by using fibers.
    • Nasal septum surgery
      This method is to reduce the cartilage of nasal septum. When the cartilage of nasal septum is grown toward down too much, the connected nosewings and the nose tip would naturally dropped down. Therefore, cutting the end of the nasal septum cartilage is required.
  • The schedule of Long nose surgery

    1 hour

    Stitch removal
    7th day after the surgery

    Nose tapping removal
    5~7th day after the surgery

    Light exercise
    14th day after the surgery

    30th day after the surgery
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