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Flat nose

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    Flat nose

    Rhinoplasty information

    Since the center of the face would look collapsed, the flat nose tend to bring a dull impression. The distance between two eye looks to wide, or sometimes the overall face looks wide.

  • Flat nose surgery
    • Flat nose surgery

      An implant will be used for making a higher nose bridge, and nasal septal cartilage or ear cartilage will make an upturned nose tip.

    • Incision
      An incision will be proceed inside of the nose following the design
    • Detachment cartilages
      Detaching between the inside skin and the cartilages of nose tip
    • Making space
      Conforming the space inside the detached area for the prosthesis between Nose Bridge and the periost
    • Prosthesis insertion
      Prosthesis inserting regarding the nose shape
  • The Schedule of the flat nose surgery

    1 hour

    Stitch removal
    7th day after the surgery

    Nose tapping removal
    5~7th day after the surgery

    Light exercise
    14th day after the surgery

    30th day after the surgery
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