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Nostrils reduction

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    Nostrils reduction surgery

    Rhinoplasty information

    This is a flat and flabby nose tip correction method to make balanced nose shape with nose bridge and the overall face.

  • Information and the schedule of the Nostrils surgery
    • The processes of the nose wing surgery

      Nostrils reduction surgery is for those who have excessively flabby nose tips or large nostrils which are exposed too much.
      Ground part of the nose wings is incised and skin is removed. The remaining part of the nose wings is gathered and sutured.
      The incision line will be located on the boundary line of the nose wings, and it is hardly visible.

    1 hour

    Stitch removal
    7th day after the surgery

    Nose tapping removal
    5~7th day after the surgery

    Light exercise
    14th day after the surgery

    30th day after the surgery
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