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Magic V lifting

  • Younger looking face
    with sustainable and
    elastic face line

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    Magic V lifting

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    We promise your beautiful change with the most comfortable and minimized procedure. Magic V lifting is more sustainable and fast method than existing V-line method by pulling sagging skin of the face and make V line!

  • Characteristics of magic V lifting
    • Minimum incision
      1cm of small incision around ear
    • Pain, swelling
      Pinless, minimized swelling
    • Operation time
      Short (1 hour)
    • Recovery period
      Short (going out is available after 3-4 days)
    • Anesthetic
      Sedative anesthetic
    • Effect
      Surprisingly effective result
  • Appropriate cases for magicV lifting and the definition
    • What is magic V lifting?
      We cut 1cm around ear lobe, and pull the sagging skin for the skin elasticity
    • Effect of magic V lifting
      Outstanding effect for Saggy cheek, and V line, and it makes the face smaller. Secure the face line, and tightly hold the saggy cheek
    • Wrinkle care and the face line
      Wrinkle and face line problems are improving at one time. This is a safe treatment with no adverse effect.
    • We recommend Magic V lifting procedure to those who

      Have sagging cheek at the younger age
      Looks older because of deep smile lines and sagging cheek with age
      Want to improve the skin elasticity and to have a bright image

    • Surgery time and the pain

      Since the procedures are simple, the surgery will be finished in 1 hour.
      Patient will not feel any pain under the sedative anesthetic.

  • Cautions before surgery

    fasting before the surgery
    Fast before the surgery (morning surgery: do not have breakfast. Afternoon surgery: do not have luhc). Fast for 1~2 hr if you have local anesthetics

    Comfortable wearing
    Wear a comfortable cloths

    No smoking and drinking
    Avoid Smoking and drinking the day before surgery (1week after surgery)

    No driving
    Avoid driving on the day of surgery
  • Cautionsafter surgery

    Raising the upper body is effective to alleviate swelling.
    2-3 day of ice pack massage is helpful for swelling or pain after the surgery.

    Patients are required to put on compression bandage (Dangi-mi) for 2-3days
    Visit the hospital on the next day, 3days later, and 1week later (stich removal).
    Scar ointment or silicon sheet can be used if necessary.

    Recovery period
    You could have uncomfortable feeling for 3day due to the swelling.
    But after then you will feel the swelling is go down every day.

    Other things
    Avoid smoking and drinking for 1month and be cautions not to be tired.
    Sometimes you could have bruise and dull sense on the surgery area, but they will be disappeared naturally with time.
    Dull feeing of the surgery site and chin, mouth area will be gone in 1-3 months.
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