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Silhouette lift

  • Younger looking face
    with sustainable and
    elastic face line

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    Silhouette lift

    Theall’s lifting center

    A lifting surgery for the younger looking image and the V line! For deep wrinkles and drooping jaw line that cannot be fixed with heavy makeup, we can make a V line facial shape for you with medical threads.

  • The advantages of the Silhouette lift
    • Facial lifting procedure
      Other than the former bump, method, a ‘Cone’ is used in the silhouette lift. Cone is a special fiber which is inserted in the facial skin. The facial skin is lifted by pulling this cones.
    • The advance technology
      The face lifting cone is a harmless material for human body and will be melted and absorbed in the body. Especially the it is certified by FDA(USA) and CE(EU) and recently widely using in USA, Europe, and Japan and many other countries
    • Minimum scar
      Unlikely to the former face lifting surgery, only 2cm of scalp skin is incised, and the scar is not visible.
  • Advantagesof Silhouette lift
    • Lifttng effects
      The lifting effect in excellent
    • Local anesthetic
      The procedure can be finished in 45min under local anesthetic
    • No adverse effect
      No adverse effect
    • Semi-permanent procedure
      The effect is semi-permanent by one treatment
    • No worries about the anesthetic
      No general anesthetic
    • Fast recovery
      Possible to get back to the normal life immediately
  • Information of the Silhouette lift
    • Procedure

    • Daily life
      1week later
    • Anesthetic
    • Duration
    • Hospital visiting
      the next day
  • Silhouette lift vs Current
    Silhouette lift Method Operational Facial lifting
    Local, Sedative Anesthetic General
    45 min duration 3-5hours
    2-3days Recovery period 2-3 weeks
    2cm in Upper side of the ears
    (Invisible part)
    scars From the hairline of the front&back side to the hairline of scalp
    Increasing cost Expensive
    Outstanding lifting effect, skin elasticity/ skin tone improvement Effect lifting
  • Q&A of Silhouette lift
    • Q. Is the daily life available right after the Silhouette lift procudure?

      A. The procedure takes only 45minuites and the daily life is available immediately. Since there is no swelling, procedure marks, patients do not need to worry much. And also the procedure do not leave any awkward feeling of uncomfortableness, you would not feel any differences.

    • Q. How long the effect of the silhouette lift will last?

      A. According to the experience, the silhouette lift is effective for at least 4 years, and the collagen induced by cone shoes semi-permanent effects.

    • Q. Who would be the most appropriated people for the silhouette lift procedure? And which body part is available for it?

      A. People who have sagging skin by the age and day light, etc. or anyone who wants to have lifting effect, can have this procedure. Especially it is effective for the V-line, and smile line. And, basically silhouette lift can be proceeded to any body parts for lifting.

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