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Heart noble

  • Younger looking face
    with sustainable and
    elastic face line

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    Heart noble surgery

    Theall’s lifting center

    Change your smile line and change your class into noble!

  • Advantages of the heart noble procedure
    • Incision inside the nose
      Since the nose incision, there is no worry about the scar.
    • Fast recovery
      Stitch removal is not required. Retune to the daily life immediately. It will last semi permanently
    • Three dimensional face
      Improving the smile line problem, heart noble surgery complete the “noble-like” impression.
  • The characteristics of heart noble surgery
    • Duration
      20-30min of short time
    • Fast effect
      An immediate effect by the volume
    • No stitch removal
      We use melting fibers. No visiting to the hospital
    • Main point

      Procedure of nose incision incise 1cm inside of the nose and insert the prosthetic, No problem with food taking
      Procedure of mouth incision incise 1~1.5cm inside of them mouth. Hard to take food. Soft meals are only available
      Appropriated cases for heart noble procedure when the both sides of nose are hallow and the center of the face looks hollow too. This makes an older looking.

  • Procedure of Heart noble

    Local/ sedative anesthetic

    Incision inside of the nose
    1cm of incision inside of the nose

    Prosthetic insertion
    Insert the prosthetic through the incision

    Prosthetic fixing
    Fix the prosthetic precisely at the surgery part
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