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  • Advantages of Botox
    • Simple and safe procedure
      Botox is a very simple and sage procedure.
      The treatment time takes only 5-10 min, and it is convenient to have the procedure without stress of the plastic surgeries.
    • No anesthetic
      Botox can be proceeded without local anesthetics. Recovery time is not needed also. And the adverse effects have not been reported. All you need for Botox are just ice pack, or anesthetic cream to reduce the pain of injection.
    • Medications
      The bruise from botox injections tends to get worse when you are taking pain killers. We recommend stop taking those pills for 2 weeks before the procedure. But the bruise will be local and disappear in 7-10 days, do not worry too much.
    • No scar
      The injection will not leave any scars, and the safe as you cannot see any marks of the procedure.
      Washing the face, and make-up is free and even swimming is available.
      Of course you can get bact to the work immediately.
  • Botox Program
    • Botox Program

    • Information of the procudure

      Wrinkles forehead, eye, middle of the forehead, lip, neck. Nose bridge, nasolabial area, smile line, chin, and horizontal wrinkles.
      Face reducing procedure squared jaw
      Calf muscle reduction to make a slim calf
      Facial lifting to make tight facial skin
      to make tight facial skin raising nose, raising the mouth corners, raising the dropped eyebrow

  • Cautions after procedure

    The effect
    The effect will be appeared 3-4days later, and you can keep the natural facial expressions.

    Adverse effects
    No specific adverse effect, but bruise can be appeared

    You can have awkward facial expression at the first time, but it will be returned naturally. Do not lie down irritate the injection areas.
  • Information of Botox
    • Allergan Botox, USA
      100 unit vial is now replaced to 50 unit vial. 50 unit is the amount of 1 treatment for square jaw. Check the 50 unit Botox before the injection!
    • Immediate reduction of squared jaw
      The upgraded Botox; New Myoblock botox in released!
    • Current botox vs New Myoblock

      Current botox New Myoblock
      Type A Type Type B
      USA(Alergan) country USA(Solstice)
      4-6weeks effect 1-2weeks (in 10days)
      Original Botox among existing botoxes.
      Excellent for muscle reduction of jaw
      characteristics The world’s first liquid
      excellent those who have Type A resistance

  • Pro-Botox
    • Botox of Alergan

    • Pro-Botox

    • What is the pro-botox?
      This is a new botox treatment using cold waves after the botox injection for lifting and skin elasticity effect.
    • pro-botox procedure
      The high frequency wave of the cold wave gets inside of the skin derma layer and make contraction. This is effective to make elasticity for sagging skin. This is a painless procedure.
    • Effects after procedure
      When cold wave procedure is preceded in 2-3days of jaw botox, the waves induce the collagen activity at the skin derma. With the muscle reduction effect of Botox, the skin elasticity from the waves makes the face slimmer.
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