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  • Natural and sustainable
    Barbie doll’s face line

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    V-line surgery

    Theall’s face contouring surgery

    Remarkable change of 360° three-dimensional face off plastic surgery program! Soft and sleek face line as Han ye-seul. Your face will be like a sculpture at any angle!

  • Advantages of face contouring surtery
    • medical professionals
      Our experienced medical professionals make outstanding results.
    • Minimum incision
      Minimum incision using an endoscope means safe surgery and fast recovery
    • Swelling care
      Intensive swelling control program is provided after our programed surgery
    • Advanced anesthetic equipment
      Cutting-edge anesthetic equipment of university hospital class
    • After surgery system
      Minimize the side effect and complications with thorough follow-up treatment.
    • Emergency control
      Equipped with emergency care system
  • We recommend the face contouring surgery those who have
    • Angular jaw
      Angular shaped jaw by excessive developing of lower jaw
    • lantern jaw
      When the lower jaw is protruded than normal.
    • Short chin
      The end of the law went backwards or if it is invisible
    • Long face
      The length of the face is much loner then the width.
    • Large cheekbone
      The face looks large because of the protruded cheekbone. And it also makes strong image
    • bialveolar protrusion
      The lip is more protruded than the tip of the nose or chin.
    • facial asymmetry
      Left and right sides of the face is not symmetric at the front look
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