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Angular jaw reduction

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    Angular jaw Reduction Surgery

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    When the end of the jaw draws a square line, the face looks wider. Moreover, it gives a strong impression and it is hard to look like soft. Procedure of trimming the angled and overgrown lower jaw after cutting edges of it.

  • Appropriate cases for Angular jaw Reduction Surgery
    • Front look
      Squared shaped face line at font.
    • overdeveloped lower jaw
      When the bone of lower jaw is located behind than normal cases
    • Asymmetric jaw line
      The both side of jaw angle is not symmetric
    • Angular jaw
      The line of the lower jaw is angular at side
  • Methods of Angular jaw Reduction Surgery
    • Mandibular (lower jaw) angle ostectomy
      Incise from mandibular angle to the point of chin drawing a soft line like crescent moon shape. Make 2~3 cm of incision inside of the mouth make long incision along with the mandibular drawing gentle curve. Since the incision takes place inside of the mouth, this method is totally scar free. People with widely opened lower jaw can expect great results at both front and side.
    • Cortex ostectomy
      To make the enlarged infraorbital canal smaller, we remove both sides of cortical bones of the jaw for a narrower face line. Since the width of the jaw bone is reduced, face looks slimmer, and the reduced volume of muscle by the cortex ostectomy, will bring good effect at the front look.
    • Mandibular angle ostectomy & Cortex ostectomy
      If you have thick bone and mandibular angle, and your muscles are well developed, both surgeries are recommended.
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