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lantern jaw reduction

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    lantern jaw reduction surgery

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    After removing either the bone of the chin tip through the mouth or both side bones of the front jawbone the bones will be repositioned and fixed to correct the lantern jaw.

  • Appropriated cases for lantern jaw reduction surgery
    • Protruded Cheekbone
      When the cheekbones are protruded than normal cases
    • Cheekbone shade
      When the bumps of the under cheekbones makes shade
    • Asymmetric of Cheekbones
      When cheekbones are protruded Asymmetrically
    • Wide face
      Especially when the center of the face is wide
    • Flat face
      When the fade is flat
  • Definition of the lantern jaw
    • What is lantern jaw?
      Intern jaw is a term used when a long lower chin is and protruded to the front direction
    • Conditions of lantern jaw
      When the length from the philtrum to the end of the chin is longer than 1/3 of the whole length of the face, we assume it is a long chin. Therefore if the chin is protruded than this case, we call it a lantern jaw
    • The Ideal face
      When you draw a diagonal line from the nose tip to the chin tip, if the upper lip is positioned 2~4mm behind the line while the lower lip is positioned 1~2mm behind, you have the most ideal jaw.
    • Lantern jaw surgery
      If the dental interlocking is right and the chin is protruded, incise the mucosa inside of the mouth near the front teeth, and incise the bone of the chin, or incise 2 parts of the chin bone horizontally and remove the middle bone, then fix the upper and lower bones. This procedure is relatively simple.
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