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Cheekbone reduction

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    Cheekbone reduction surgery

    Theall’s face contouring surgery

    Seriously augmented cheekbones can make a strong and aggressive image. Our cheekbone reduction surgery involves not just cutting the cheekbone but relocating the bones through artificial angle ostectomy for a small, slim face line.

  • Appropriate cases for Cheekbone reduction surgery
    • Protruded Cheekbone
      When the cheekbones are protruded than normal cases
    • Cheekbone shade
      When the bumps of the under cheekbones makes shade
    • Asymmetric of Cheekbones
      When cheekbones are protruded Asymmetrically
    • Wide face
      Especially when the center of the face is wide
    • Flat face
      When the fade is flat
  • Types of Cheekbone reduction surgeries
    • If only the front cheekbone is augmented
      Since the surgery is performed through the mouth, no scar will be left; the protruding part of the corners of the eyes can be slimmed down as well.
    • If the front and side cheekbones are augmented
      For a face with wide width, we cut the front and side cheekbones almost vertically and fix it inward to create a charming V line.
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