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Big eye II

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    Big eye surgery II

    5 techniques in one surgery, get real big eyes

    Complete more natural eye line correction.
    This is an upgraded methods from big eye surgery I.

  • Advantages of Big eye surgery II
    • Nature line doubleeyelids
      The overall shape of the eyes is natural.
    • Short surgery time
      Surgery time is short.
    • Merits in re-correction surgery
      It is possible to readjust the double eyelid creases.
    • Scar free procedure
      Since no incision is made for double eyelids, no scar will be left.
    • Harmony with your own face
      Epicanthoplasty, lateral canthoplasty, and lower lateral canthoplasty will be applied according to the proportion of the patient’s individual face.
    • Bleeding free surgery
      With little blood, there’s no need to worry about swelling.
    • Short recovery time
      Recovery only takes 4~5 days.
  • Five ways of Big eye surgery
    • What is the Big eye surgery2?

      Your eyes will be widening in all direction; Top and bottom, and Left and right side. Big eye surgery2 is a combination surgery with 5 surgical methods; Nature line double eyelids, M tightening, Magic l ateral canthoplasty Magic lower lateral canthoplasty, Magic epicanthoplasty.

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