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  • Sustainable
    beauty of the magical
    eye surgery

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    Big eye surgery

    The total solution for small eyes

    Our style in eye surgery, is not to make just big eyes, but to emphasize harmonious, younger looking eye lines by widening both side of edges of an eye.

  • Advantages of big eye surgery

    Upgraded eye surgery
    Muscle Tightening technique
    is introduced
    on current surgery method

    Expertise in eye surgery
    The surgery is based on our knowhow
    from 20 years of experience

    Clinical experiences
    We have recorded 10000 cases
    of big eye surgery

    Overall diagnosis
    execute not only body type analysis, but also skin examination such as cellulite elasticity
  • The secret methods of Big eye surgery
    • M-Tightening
      Muscle Tightening: By lifting eye-opening muscles, we make your eyes round and big. If the eye-lifting muscles are not tight enough, your eyes look sagging or unclear even with double eyelids.
    • Incision method
      By removing excessive tissues (fat, muscles) inside the eyelids after incision, we make natural double eyelids.
    • Epicanthoplasty
      By removing epicanthic folds which is the skin covering inside of eyes, we make a base for wide, big eyes.
  • Information and effectsof Big eye surgery
    • Bigger eyes

      No matter how small your eyes are you can get bigger and clearer eyes
    • Natural eye lines

      You will have natural eyes, as if you never got surgery
    • Eyes fit for Big eye surgery

      1.Excessively small eyes
      2. Small and sleepy eyes
      3. Unnatural looking and small eyes even after double eyelid surgery.
      4. If you have forehead wrinkles when you raise eyebrows to open up the eyes
      5. If a ptosis correction is required, and the distance between the eyes is wide

    local/sedasive aesthesia

    Stitch removal
    5 days after the surgery

    Visit to the hospital after surgery
    whenever needed for 1 month

    Recovery period
    Cleansing and make-up is
    about 3 days after the stitch removal
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