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    Before and after care of eye surgery

    Cautions of before & after eye surgery

    The size and shape of eyes are the enormously important to make first impression. Since eyes look very different with small changes, patients need full advice of experienced medical specialists before surgery.

  • Cautions of before & after eye surgery
    • Fasting before surgery
      Fast for 6 hours before surgery (no water, chewing gum, candy, etc., is allowed)
    • Comfortable clothing
      Put on casual and comfortable clothing (loose clothes, running shoes, etc.)
    • Other medications
      Take medicines in the morning for blood pressure, diabetes, or thyroid with small amount of water
    • Driving car
      It would be dangerous if you drive yourself on the day of the surgery
    • Mask and hat
      Bring something to cover your face such as mask, cap, glasses, etc., recommended
    • Inform your medications
      If you are taking any medicine, please let us know in advance.
    • Prohibitions
      Don’t wear makeup, accessories, nail polish, contact lenses, etc.
  • Cautionsafter eye surgery
    • Eye ointment
      Apply terramycin eye ointment frequently (to prevent the surgery spot gets dry before removing the stitches).
    • Driving car
      It would be dangerous if you drive yourself on the day of the surgery
    • Stitch removal
      Stitches can be removed 4~7 days after surgery.
    • Ice pack
      Apply ice pack frequently on the eyes for 3 days to alleviate swelling.
    • Cleansing and make-up
      Wash the face and put makeup from the day after stitch removal. Sauna is allowed one month after surgery.
    • Bruises
      Bruises will disappear 1~2 weeks after surgery.
    • Medication prescription
      Take the painkiller and antibiotics prescribed by the hospital 30 minutes after a meal.
    • Lying down
      Do not lower your head or lie on your face for at least 3 weeks after surgery.
    • Exercise
      It is possible to do the casual exercise beginning 2 weeks after surgery; hard exercise can be done 4 weeks after surgery.
    • Smoking and drinking
      We recommend abstaining from smoking or drinking since such only delays wound healing (alcohol can cause inflammation, whereas smoking contracts the blood vessels, which might lead to skin blackening.)
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