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10-minute double eyelid

  • Sustainable beauty
    of the magical eye

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    10-minute Double Eyelid Surgery

    Special surgery only in TheAll

    Natural and beautiful double eyelid lines which make harmony with your overall face will satisfy you more other than just big eyes.

  • How to make 10-minuite double eyelids possible?

    No incisional operation
    and minimized knots

    Our incision free will leave
    minimum knots
    natural double eyelids lines

    Skillful operation
    Veteran surgeons with
    20 years of experience
    on double eyelid surgery.

    Efficient system
    We have got rid of
    unnecessary procedures
    in this efficient system surgery.
  • Advantages of the 10-min double eyelid surgery
    • Short operation time
      The operation time is short.
    • less swelling
      Less welling with an almost blood free procedure.
    • Short recovery time
      The average recovery time is 4-5days.
    • Scar free procedure
      No scar will be remain in this non-incisional double eyelid surgery.
    • Merits in re-correction surgery
      Correction surgeries are available.
  • Information about 10-minuit double eyelid surgery
    and potential patients


    Stitch removal
    Not required,
    but 1-2 point of
    knots are needed
    in unusual cases

    Visit to the hospital
    after surgery

    1-2 times

    Recovery period
    A gentle cleansing
    is possible immediately
    Make-up is possible
    about 3 days
    after surgery
    except eye make-up.
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