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Breast reduction

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    Breast reduction surgery

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    While making beautiful shape of the breast, breast reduction surgery can be performed to make the breast size smaller and adjust the shape since too large breasts can cause muscle pain of neck and shoulder, back pain, skin eczema under the breast, etc.

  • The methods and aftercareof breast reduction surgery
    • Areola incision
      By removing the mammary gland, we reduce the breast volume.
    • II-shaped incision
      It is to remove the mammary gland, fat, and skin, leading to the most satisfactory result.
    • T-shaped incision
      It can reduce the size the most, but leaves more scars.

    Hospitalizing on the day of surgery
    Hospitalizing on the day of surgery is recommended. Daily life will be available after 3-4days after the surgery.

    Take antibiotics and antiinflammatory analgesics for 5-7 days after the surgery.

    Stitches can be removed 10-14 days after the surgery, then tapping is needed for 1week on the surgery spot to secure the sutured spot. Scars may remain, but most of them will be lighter in 1 year.

    Treatments after the surgery
    2-3times of visiting is necessary after the surgery. Appling ointment for 2-3 months after the stitch removal is recommended. Light exercising is available after 2 weeks, but swimming, gym exercising, golf should be wait for 1 month. Smoking and drinking will be available after 1 month also.
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