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    Natural Cup C, breast surgery

  • Definition of natural C breast surgery
    • what is natural C breast surgery?

      Cup C is the most wanted breast size. For this, 250~320 cc of prosthetic materials is inserted for enlargement to secure natural breast lines and soft texture according to the individual body shape.

    minimize the scar

    minimize the pain

    minimize the Capsular reduction
  • TheAll’s differentiated breast surgery
    • Cutting-edge Wolf endoscope

      By using cutting-edge Wolf endoscope made in Germany, minimal incision is possible; hence the little pain and short recovery time. Since the surgery is performed by looking at the inside of the breast, it is more accurate in terms of securing proper space for the prosthetic material to be inserted. Therefore, it gives more natural breast lines when lying down or standing.

    • Cohesive gel prosthetic material

      Cohesive gel is the world’s most common prosthetic material since it has better cohesion than saline solution pack and it does not spill out when torn after a long time. It produces natural texture and look.

    • Erchonia laser follow-up treatment

      When the space where a prosthetic material is inserted for breast enlargement gets smaller as the tissues are attached after surgery, it degrades the texture or causes capsular contracture. .
      In this case, erchonia laser treatment can be used to prevent the capsular contracture and maintain soft texture as well as for quick recovery.

  • The standard of the breast surgery
    • How much amount (cc) is needed to make size A to C?

      100cc of prosthesis extends 1.5cm of Upper chest.
      300cc of prosthesis extends 4.5~5cm which is 2 inches. Usually 300~320cc of prosthesis is used to change the cup size A to C.

    • What are the differences among the cup size A, B, and C?

      A,B and C are measurement to express the size of the breast. They can be calculated with the formula of ‘Upper chest circumference – lower chest circumference’, and ‘inch’ unit is used

      Cup size Upper chest circumference lower chest circumference
      AA 5cm 2inch inch gap
      A 7.5cm 3inch inch gap
      B 10cm 4inch inch gap
      C 12.5cm 5inch inch gap
      D 15.5cm 6inch inch gap
      E 17cm 7inch inch gap

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