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Inverted nipple

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    Inverted nipple

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    If you have flat or inverted nipples, you might have problems with breastfeeding or risk of papillitis. Even for recovering the erogenic zone, surgical treatment is recommended before getting married.

  • Surgery method ofInverted nipple
    • Surgery method

      The inverted nipple surgery has 2 major types which is classified by possibility of breast-feeding, and the sedative anesthesia among the local anesthesia methods is basically used. This is injected to the arm to release the anxiety, and make to dream about 3min. Patients would not feel the pain while the local anesthesia is being injected. This is the advanced anesthesia method to relax the patient during the surgery.

    • Positive method for breast-feeding
      This method is used for light symptoms. The recurrence rate is high when the symptom is in a serious condition.
    • Negative method for breast-feeding
      This method is used under the decision that this is necessary visually and functionally even though the breast-feeding is not possible for the future.
      And if the inverted nipple is serious, although it is not a recurrent case, this method is also recommended.
  • The definition and the classification of the inverted nipples
    • What is inverted nipple?

      Definition Normally the nipple is more protrude than the around tissues, and also it is the most protrude part of the breast. But when the nipple is flat or buried inside, we call it inverted nipple. The major function of the nipple is breast-feeding. But when the nipples are seriously inverted, breast feeding is difficult, and the possibility of inflammation and infection is increased caused by secretion increase. This surgery is recommend before marriage, since the symptoms are getting serious when pregnant. Moreover, the function of the nipple is important as an erogenous zone. Beautiful breasts are the harmony of abundance and the natural nipples.
      Types 01. Mostly protrude and inverted occasionally
      02. Usually inverted and occasionally protrude
      03. Inverted always

      ※Surgery is medically recommended in Type 2and 3cases, except type 1 case.

  • After surgery care

    Hospitalization on the day of surgery
    Not necessary. Discharge after 30-60min of surgery.

    Stitch removal
    Shower is available after 3-7 days, and the stitch removal is available after 3-7 days

    Antibiotics treatment for a few days to prevent inflammation

    Results of the surgery
    The problems after surgery are that the recurrent rate is relatively high by 5-10%, and some patients in serious cases should give up the breast feeding.
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