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Volume filler

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    Quick time volume filler

    A safe and fast procedure

    Filler means materials that directly injected into the skin, without adverse effects. Hyaluronic acid is the major material, and the most common products are Restylane, Metridex and Aquamid Etc.

  • Advantages of quick time volume filler

    Back to the daily life
    Since the injection area leaves no scars or foreign body sensation with around skin, you can returne to the daily life in a short time

    Safe procedure
    No need of adverse effect examination before the procedure because the material is mainly from vegetable ingredients.
    The wrinkle effect shows right after the procedure.

    Simple procedure
    It takes only 10 minutes for facial wrinkle care.
    Since this is a painless procedure, anesthetic is not necessary and you can carry on the daily like.

    Duration of the effect
    Normally one small amount of injection lasts 8 months to maximum 2years.
    This is an effective wrinkle solution without any adverse effect as myoparalysis.
  • Quick time volume filler program
    • What is hyaluronic acid?

      Hyaluronic acid inside of our skin plays life maintenance roles such as keeping the volume of skin, cushion effect, skin moisturizing, lubrication, healing wounds and helping cellular metabolism. It also absorbs reactive oxygen which is produced by UV light and reduced the skin aging.
      Restylane is a developed material using chemically stabilizing skill to keep it environmentally friendly and durability when injected inside of a body just like natural hyaluronic acid.

  • Cautions after procedure

    swelling, bruise
    site of injection can be bruised or turn red, but it will naturally disappeared after 1 to 3 days

    swelling, bruises
    A little rash, swelling, or bruise can be appeared, but they will be gradually disappeared in 1-3days.

    Be cautious high heat
    Avoid high heat of severe cold such as an artificial tanning or sauna.
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