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V-water shine injection

  • Sustainable
    young looking face
    form the shining and
    moisturized skin

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    Vital - water shine injection

    The Moisture filling from the deep inside of derma layer.

    Fully moisturized Young face with Water-shin injection
    Your skin will be full of moisture from the deep inside of derma layer.

  • Information of vital- water shine treatment
    • Water shine injection

      Supplementing water with injecting hyaluronic acid filler which captures water inside of skin and induces the collagen production to enhance skin elasticity.
      This will make volume to the dented parts of the face, and improve the fine wrinkle. You will look younger with moist skin.


    cream, sedative

    recovery time
  • Body parts for vital- water shine injection
  • vital- water shine treatment vs General moisture cream
    • vital- water shine injection

      100% filled into skin derma layer
      moisturizing 365days
      fine wrinkle improvement in 7days
      Immediate improvement on skin aging
      return to the younger face
    • General moisturizing cream

      Evaporates about 60% on the skin
      duration: lasts 3-6months
      No improvement of fine wrinkles
      Delays the skin aging
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