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Micro-fat grafting

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    Micro-fat grafting

    Natural and non-allergenic method

    Autologous fat grafting is facial contouring method with patients’ own adipocytes to improve deep wrinkles.

  • What is micro fat grafting?

    Facial fat grafting
    natural, non-allergenic and safe fat grafting method with patients’ own adipocytes

    Major areas
    Usually to volume on hollow cheeks and forehead and to heighten noses and reducing smile lines

    The adipocytes for grafting are usually extracted from thighs of abdomen, and can be re-injected after ice banking for at least 6months
  • Advantages of micro-autologous fat grafting
    • Fat grafting can be proceeded as much as you want and at any part you want.
    • The procedure has multiple effects for hollow areas, skin lifting, improving wrinkles.
    • Surgery time is short and the cost is relatively affordable compared to other injection methods such as fillers.
    • Since autologous fat is used not an artificial prostheses or synthetic material, there is no foreign body reaction.
    • This is a non-incisional procedure. Therefore you can get back to your daily life quickly.
    • This procedure is available for not only specific area correction but also overall face contouring
    • The fat left after the surgery could be staged in an ice back, you can always have additional procedure.
    • You will have a maximum effect with affordable cost
    • Extracting from a fatty area, injecting to a skinny area
    • A safer and less rejection method as autologous fat is used.
  • Questions about the procedure
    • Q. What will be changed after the autologous fat grafting surgery?

      A. Patients could expect an immediate effects right after the fat grafting surgery. Minor discomforts can be solved through medicine. A little bit of swelling can be appeared, but it will be gone in 3days. Also small bruises can be coved by make-ups. The first procedure will last for 6months, and 40-60% of the fat will be absorbed to the body. The remaining adipocytes would last for years. Patients could have second procedure at the same area in 3-6 months. If you want to have this fat grafting procedure to reduce wrinkles, please visit our hospital and have counseling.

    • Q. I want to know how the procedure is proceeded.

      A. Fat grafting does not need hospitalization, and it is proceeded under local anesthetic. The procedure will take 1-2 hours, and you can immediately get back to the daily life.

    • Q. What are the advantages of autologous fat grafting?

      A. The transplanted fat can remain for minimum 3 years to 15 years. This is an inexpensive way for a face contouring purpose Moreover, this is a non-allergenic and safe method.

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