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Super Botox

  • A Sustainable
    slim face,
    the chic line

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    Super Botox

    Enjoy a fast and long lasting V-line effect!

    Super botox is more powerful than general botox
    The superior V-line with super botox

  • What is Super Botox V?

    Remedy disadvantages
    An advanced concept of botox which remedy the disadvantages and strengthen the advantages of former botox

    Remedy the former botox
    Effects of general botox (allergan) last for 5-6 months, but we have to wait 4-6 weeks to see the effects of muscle reducciton and sliming.

    Faster effect
    Super botox V is a fast acting botox which shows the effect in maximum 2 weeks.

    Customized program
    Super botox V is a customized program which is consisted of 3 types which is 101, 201 and 301.
  • Information of Supoer botox V and appropriate cases
    • Superior effects
      The face sliming effect is more excellent than former botox procedure.
    • Fast and excellent effects
      The effect is faster than the general botox and the duration is even longer.
    Appropriate cases for Super botox V
    • Masticatory muscle development
      If the masticatory muscle over developed than average.
    • Excellent effect
      If the former square jaw botox is not enough to be satisfied
    • Powerful effects
      If you want such a powerful and fast effect
  • Super botox V USA, Korea
    • USA product

    • Domestic product

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