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High-lifting fat grafting

  • sustainable
    three-dimensional volume
    Flexible youthfulness

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    High-lifting fat grafting

    Volume effect and high engraftment rate at the same time!

    Insertion of medical PDO under the skin which has acquired an approval from KFDA (Korea Food and Drug Administration) as the highest safety grade, facilitates collagen production and tissue cell regeneration.
    Sagged skin will be lifted and improve the skin elasticity through this procedure.

  • Advantages of high lifting fat grafting
    • Lower absorption rate and losing late than existing fat grafing
    • Engraftment rate is multiplied 2 times and Volume lasting duration is multiplied 2 times as well.
    • Before and after photos of fat of POD evenly injected inside of skin

      PDO: Consisted with collagen synthesize fiber which is no harm to human. It is naturally absorbed and excreted with body waste with time.

    • Before

    • After

  • Appropriate cases for high-lifting fat grafting
  • High-lifting fat grafting before and after photos
    • Before


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