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    A non-surgical procedure of a nose bridge

    High- is a 4D correction procedures of nose Bridge and nose tip in 8 minutes

  • The definition and information of High nose treatment
    • What is High-co?

      10 minutes injection nose procedure without surgery for the nose and end of nose that combine with POD and filler and it gets fourth class from food and drugs administration which is the highest class.

    • information of High-co procedure

      Duration : 10min

      1day recovery

      2nd day make-up

      maintains 1-2years

    • High-co is appropriate for

      - Those who are afraid of sugery
      - Those who have rounded nose tip
      - Those who are concerned about the surgery cost
      - Those who have to get back to the daily life immediately
      - Those who are unsatisfied with a flat nose

  • What is different in High-co procedure?
    • The kinds of fibers POD has 5 times longer duration than PGLA. (POD: 12months vs 2-4 months)
      The Length of fibers
      short fiber is used in High-co procedure
      The Size of the needle
      Since the needle is as thin as acupuncture needle, scars dose not remain.
      Effect Improvement on Skin elasticity is an extra effect of High-co procedure
      Cost 950 thousand won. We offer a rational procedure cost.
      Bruises after surgery No bruises, swelling and any adverse effects. You can go back to your normal life immediately

    • Causations after High-co procedure

      Do not touch
      Do not touch the area after the treatment

      No drinking and smoking
      We recommend you to avoid drinking and smoking

      The area can be swell up a little bit for 1-3 days

      No Sauna
      Please avoid hot and humid places as sauna

  • Advanceses of High-co procedure
    • 8 minute procedure
    • safe material
    • 5times longer duration
    • No scar
    • 4D correction
    • rational cost
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