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    high-elastic skin,
    premium skin tightness

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    We promise to improve your saggy skin problems.

    Inserting medical PDO which acquired the highest safety grade; the 4th grade from KFDA (Korean Food & Drugs Administration) inside of the skin, facilitates collagen production and regeneration of tissue cells. This will lift sagging skin and improve the skin elasticity.

  • Double effects of High lifting
    • Water shine injection

      PDO lifts the sassy skin inside of skin.
      You can mark V-line without surgery.

    • Recovering the skin elasticity from the inside

      PDP facilitate producing collagen inside of skin and blood circulation to recover the elasticity of inside skin.

  • High lifting Vs Former lifting
    High lifting Methid Former lifting
    2 days (1st day: Facial washing is available, 2nd day: make-up is available the next day ) Recovery 7-14days
    0.12 mm (thin as hair) fiber injection
    No discomfort feelings from the fiber
    Discomfort Inserting fiber is quite thick, and could be noticeable on the skin surface.
    PDO- Soluble fiber which is certified by KFDA of its Harmlessness to human body Stability Insoluble fiber which needs removal later
    No needle mark with a thin needle.
    No bruising and swelling, with a non-bleeding procedure
    Surgery Fiber insertion through incision procedure
    Swelling and bruising is harsh

    local/ sedative

    Surgery time
    10-20minuates of each area
    60minuates for overall face

    Recovery time
    1 day

    Maintenance period
    1 and half year
  • The Area of High lifting procedure
  • High-lifting special pakages
    • Water light lifting

      Dermashine + High lifting : Elasticity recovery + water lightning skin effect at the same time

    • lifting fat grafting

      fat grafting + high lifting +PRP : Elasticity recovery + skin brightening at the same time

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