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Fat grafting

  • Sustainable
    appearance of
    20 years old.

    Fresh youthfulness

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    Fat grafting

    Return to the youth!

    Do you want to go back to the 20’s?
    Stop imagining. Get back to your 20’s face in pictures with 3D fat grafting.

  • What is 3D fat grafting?

    Fat extraction
    Extract proper amount of fat from your body parts such as hip, thigh and belly, with fine tubes.

    Purify pure fat
    Purify the fat and inject into specific areas. Autologous fat injection is a popular method since the adverse effect rate is low.

    Available to Overall face
    It can be applicable to overall face to make 3 dimensional face line at every angle.
  • 3D fat grafting Procedure parts
    • Cautions after procedure

      - Do not rub the procedure areas or have harsh exercise.
      - Do not put pressure on the procedure area
      - Ice pack with cold towel would be helpful to calm the swelling

  • 3D fat grafting Q&A
    • Q. Is fat grafting possible for those who is skinny?

      A. Unlike the former fat grafting method, it needs only 70~100ml of fat. Therefore our stem cell fat grafting is available for skinny people.

    • Q. I would like to extract the fat from the side of my waist, the amount is limited just for the grafting?

      A. The extraction is proceeded at the area as you want, and the amount is usually enough for the facial fat grafting. If you want a large amount of liposuction for sliming. It is also possible through counseling before the surgery.

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