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  • A Sustainable
    slim face,
    the chic line

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    For slim and sleek face line

    Find your oval and sleek face line without surgery.

  • Advantages of Botox


    3-6 months
    (USA, UK, Korea)

    Procedure area
    Square jaw with strong muscle,
    Facial wrinkles, Calf reduction Etc.

    No General anesthetics,
    scars or infection
  • Botox Program
    • Promising effects of Customized Allergan Botox!
      Former 100 unit vial is now replaced to 50 unit vial. In square jaw cases, 100 unit is used for 2 people, but the new 50 unit product is for 1 treatment only.
  • The definition and characteristics of Botox
    • What is Botox?

    • Botox is a kind of toxin from botulinum which is called can toxin.
      This is a fatal toxin which causes myoparalysis, but small amount is used on particular areas after purification since 1970. Usually it is applied to paralyze selective facial muscle and improve facial wrinkles.
    • Why TheAll is better?

      Honest goods
      TheAll uses only genuine product, one for each patient.

      FAD certification
      We use genuine products certified by FDA, with required amount.

    Simple injection procedure
    No more pressure of surgery, since this is a simple injection method.

    Fast effect
    The effect will be fast

    Short time procedure
    The procedure takes only 5 minutes

    No adverse effect
    Adverse effects or pain are very rare after the procedure

    Returning daily life
    The procedure would be no disturbance for your daily life
  • Appropriate body parts for Botox
    • Angled jaw (squared jaw) Botox
      Botox injection temperately paralyzes the over developed jaw muscle (masticatory muscle) and reduce the volume making slim and rounded face line. The muscles are temporarily reduced with this method
    • Forehead/ Middle of forehead/ Eye area botox
      In these cases, the injection amount is the most important matter. Since botox block the muscle movement, wrinkle would not be appeared even though you make various facial expressions.
    • Smile line botox
      Blocking the neural stimulation which controls the muscle movement could improve the sagging smile line and facial wrinkles.
    • Calf botox
      If your muscle is fully developed in calves, botox injection relax the muscle. These relaxed muscle is not used and the size is decreased.
    • Osmidrosis / hyperhidrosis Botox:
      Botox is a simply way to resolve the discomforts from too much sweating
    • Thigh Botox
      Able to reduce the thigh size through reducing the muscle for those who has large thigh size from the heavy exercise or naturally.
    • Trapezius
      Able to make attractive thin and long shoulder and lower neck area through reducing the muscle.
  • Types of Botox
    • Meditoxin (Korea, Taepyungyang)
      Meditoxin is the world 4th botulinum toxin product developed by Korean researchers. It has not only the same effect as Botox but also the largest market share in Korea, and it is exported to US, and other countries
    • Botulex (Korea, Hugelpharma)
      It is a type A botulium toxin product. Many plastic surgeons participated in this product and maximize the user convenience. Since safety and affectivity is proven directly by doctors, it gives credibility. This product formally acquired permission of articles from Korean Food and Drugs Administration by the name of ‘Botulax’. It also exported to Japan and proved the effects as NO.1 selling product.
    • Botox (USA, Allergan)
      The world first botulium toxin product titled ‘Botox’ from USA which is the origin country of botulium toxin product. Many patients prefer this product
    • Myobloc (USA)
      Myobloc is a Type B product, and patients have intolerance to Type A products can see the same effect. Although the duration is relatively short which is 3-4 months, you can have faster effect at least within 2 weeks.
    • Dysport (UK)
      Dysport is the product of ‘Ipsen’, a French pharmaceutical company, which has branches in 30 countries. An excellent product produced by R&D of Ipsen Biopham under the strict examination of UK. It is a reliable product which records No.1 selling in Euroup.
    • Myolock, a brand new way to immediate reduction of square jaw

      A. O.K in 10 days
      B. Brand new Myoblock is a upgraded Botox
      C. FDA certified B type Botox from Solstice , USA
      D. High satisfaction with fast effect
      E. Effective for those who have resistance to former Botox

    • Current botox vs Brand new Myoblock
      Current botox New Myoblock
      Type A Type Type B
      USA(Alergan) country USA(Solstice)
      4-6weeks effect 1-2weeks (in 10days)
      Original Botox among existing botoxes.
      Excellent for muscle reduction of jaw
      characteristics The world’s first liquid
      excellent those who have Type A resistance
  • Management and Cautions after the treatment
    • Effects
      The effect will be appeared 3-4days later, and you can keep the natural facial expressions.
    • Facial expressions
      unnatural facial expression could be appeared but it will be natural soon. Do not irritate the area for the first 4-6 hours.
    • Adverse effects
      No specific adverse effect, but a few bruises can be appeared.
    • Before


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